Crazy Travel Selfies

I started taking selfies long before selfies were even a thing. But the craziest travel selfie I’ve ever taken was probably when I swam with sharks in Bora Bora and that wasn’t even that dangerous – especially when you compare it to these daredevils below. Here are some of the craziest travel selfies I’ve seen on Instagram:






Jin Mao Tower. #Shanghai #jinmao #jinmaotower A photo posted by Ivan Kuznetsov (@beerkus) on



#UAE#Dubai❤️ #fly#sky#skydive#dubai Thx @faz3 😌 A photo posted by Nasser Al Neyadi (@fazzasky3) on


“Balloons fly by” back in Turkey last week😳 A photo posted by Luigi Cani (@luigicani) on



Voo Livre no Rio


A photo posted by Voo Livre no Rio (@voolivrenorio) on

No topo da cidade maravilhosa! 👊💀🙏 A photo posted by Gustavo Palombini (@gpalombini) on


Quem tem amigos, tem tudo!! Heli jump Day, um salto mais animal que o outro… A photo posted by Fernando Navarro (@navarrotv) on



You are very attractive in blue. Mavinin icinde cok cekicisiniz.


A photo posted by Murat Binici (@yppilot35) on

Which one of these do you think is the craziest? Do you have any travel selfies that you want to submit for a future post? Include the URL in the comments section below!

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